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KS Studios

We’re Architects, with a life time of experience practicing in Cape Town,
While also facilitating interactive Master Classes here and abroad
that can give you deeper meaning in your life and as a designer.
And leave you thinking long after the courses are finished.

They’ll upskill your design abilities
in an novel, stimulating and wildly disciplined way.

This includes insights, experiences and exercises on how you can increase your creativity by designing using the interplay of opposites;
light/shadow, masculinity/femininity, straights/curves, order/chaos…or going Deep Green to design as nature does,…

and then some!

Our creative courses are practical, detailed, fun, challenging and socially engaging. They won’t give you a blue moon hairstyle, but they’ll nudge you into deeper waters…in your life as a whole and your design capacity.

KS Studios

Are you looking for a really creative and bang up to date way to practice your architectural design? Where originality is at your finger tips.

We offer courses that are focussed, experiential and unexpected, that provide you with the chance to gain the insights and ability necessary to design practical, novel and aesthetically refined sculptural buildings.

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Module 1:
Over the Edge

6 CPD credits

Module 2:

6 CPD credits


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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KS Studios

We are architects based in Cape Town, South Africa. (But we can go wherever you are!)

We have been designing residences, commercial buildings, therapy centers and also schools, focused on Waldorf pedagogy. Our most recent projects are: the Constantia Waldorf School auditorium and the Bay View Heights apartment complex, both in Cape Town; and the Robin’s Nest Kindergarten, for Emmerson College, UK.

KS Studios

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