Module 2

Polarities is an engaging three-day course that snaps you out of automatic pilot in your design process and your personal life. It highlights where your unique creative growth points lie waiting to come to life. Compared to Module 1, our approach is similar, but the content is completely fresh. No rehashing of Over The Edge.

We are going to look at the distinctiveness of how and what you create. Moreover, place your unique approach in the context of age-old polarities that find expression through us as designers and human beings.

Module 2

Our courses are recognized by the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) and accredited by The South African Institute for Architects (SAIA) with the highest score for obtaining CPD credits. The three-days workshops are validated as a Category One CPD activity and you’ll earn 6 CPD credits.

Module 2

Day one

Portraits of you, the designer

How to engage all your senses in the creative process, through using a range of mediums

In your face

Experience how the different sides of your brain influence how you see the world and design. And how to have a more fulfilling life by balancing your one-sidedness

Right your method

Why giving yourself licence to play with the wisdom of your wacky side is fundamental to finding your individual expressiveness

Curved and straight / static and dynamic forms

How to confidently introduce interest and vivacity into your designs by grasping the essential principles of stillness and movement in form

Time to Reflect

Identify ‘one sided’ tendencies in your life and opportunities for greater joy by valuing the other side.

Day two

Masculinity and Femininity in design

Why expressing our femininity as a designer is so critical for both genders

Integrating Static curves and straights

How to simply and beautifully integrate curved and straight elements in your designs

Integrating Dynamic curves and straights

Essential principles you’ll need to know to design forms with elegance, vibrancy, fluidity and beauty. Yes, really.

Movement Frozen

Learn how to design out of movement to create forms that inspire a sense of aliveness

Time to Reflect

Identify an emerging talent you have, that when nourished will significantly deepen the quality of your life.

Day three

Conscious Spontaneity

How a sprinkling of spontaneity peppered over your logical designs spices them up with extra warmth and flair

Sponcious Contaneity creative modelling

How to significantly tune the quality of your designs through introducing complimentary opposites to your creative work

Gathering growth points

How to deepen your creative experiences and insights gathered during the course and weave them into a practical plan of daily action, which gives you the lasting relevance the course ought to have for you